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Design Machines in use Achievements


The Company has always been characterized by a high level of mechanization, certainly unique in the south, and an opportunity to intervene in all areas of railway construction with no difficulty what so ever.


Generally, Italian railway companies specialize in specific types of work: replacement of equipment, maintenance, construction, narrow-gauge railways, tramways and subways. Our company does not prefer a particular type of operation because it is perfectly able to compete anywhere and with anyone.


The Company has a technical staff composed of professional engineers and a group of highly expert mechanics and technicians to offer a complete service from the design to the construction of railways. The Company has over 400 employees and as such, is certainly one of Italy’s largest companies in the field.


Francesco Ventura Costruzioni implements an efficient monitoring and prevention system against accidents and injuries at work, through controls and special training schemes. The company manages its business in compliance with specific procedures and set budgets with the help and cooperation of competent staff, and where necessary highly qualified in order to promptly and effectively respond to the demands and needs of the customer.






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