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High-speed trains

Francesco Ventura Costruzioni has made technology one of its absolute priorities, not only to accompany the infrastructural development, but also to secure the implementation of the high-speed rail on the Rome-Naples line, which is currently the utmost in Italian innovative construction.


The largest Italian infrastructure operation in decades, the High Speed/High Capacity Turin – Salerno system, will be completed by 2009, the lines of which are intended to alter the Italian mobility scene with a more competitive rail transportation compared to other means. In addition to the increased speed and reduced travel times, the main objectives of the HS system is to increase the capacity of the Italian railway system, create specific routes for goods and improve mobility in the metropolitan areas.


The High Speed/High Capacity lines in Italy constitute, for investment, complexity and strategic importance, one of the largest infrastructural projects under construction in our country since the post-war period. To date over 650 km of line are already operative, to which will be added 182 Km of the Milan-Bologna line from December. The system will be completed in late 2009 with the opening of the Novara-Milan and the Bologna-Florence lines.


The close integration with the existing railways, the numerous inclusion operations throughout Italy and the technical and engineering solutions that enable the transport of passengers and goods, are the strengths of this concentration of made in Italy Know-How.


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