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Our company along with other business of the family, have been involved in railway superstructures for over thirty years, offering all related services, starting from the design, in which we are qualified for unlimited amounts, and including the supply of crushed stone, through our own quarry, up to the construction, maintenance and renewal of railway lines.


The activity is organized for the design and creation of new works, the renovation and reconstruction of existing lines, routine maintenance to the track, the execution of engineering operations to the track and all ancillary works for:

•  Railways

•  Tramways

•  Subways

•  Roads


The peculiarity of railway renovation operation, through the renovation of the track with simultaneous improvement of the railway ballast, is the coordination of highly specialized work phases, in the use of instrumental means constantly adapted to the demands for greater production capacity and work safety and the availability of motivated staff, trained within the company.


In fact the company has its own professional training centre, recognized by the regional authorities, for the training and retraining of railway workers.


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